How you can help support Capital City Community Centers' programs

How to Help


The poor economy of recent years has made it difficult for many of our friends and neighbors to make ends meet. Indeed, we have seen a considerable spike in the demand for food assistance and social services. Meanwhile, the work schedules of families who are struggling to provide for their children have created a greater need for affordable, quality childcare services. And, lonely and financially struggling seniors are ever in need of a helping hand and companionship.

Capital City’s program responses to these needs include:

  • Basic needs assistance to thousands of low-income Providence residents struggling to provide food, shelter, and child care for their families.
  • High-quality early childhood learning education for children with diverse needs living in Providence.
  • A welcoming Senior Center that helps hundreds of Providence seniors to stay healthy, active, and socially connected.

As need continues to grow at a relentless rate while resources contract, Cap City relies on the financial and in-kind contributions of an active and engaged community to keep our organization strong and vibrant. Thank you for joining the many other organizations and individuals that support us in our work.